Friday, October 2, 2009

Expat Culture in Taiwan: John and breaking yellow fever I

As I have said before John was always going to leave. He had arranged to do some six months later, and was now obsessively worrying he had permanent yellow fever. Like the rest of us, of course, he had only dated Taiwanese girls, but he had assumed that was a matter of convenience and environment that would rub off as soon as he left. Last time, he went back it was as he suspected and he adapted back again, it was about environment.
However, lately he felt his disinterest in white women wasn’t because of this, or because he was a lazy, creature of habit, but genuine sexual disinterest. An American girl in his school had shown an interest and he had walked away. Now he feared it was the permanent kind that would slow him down; leaving him hanging around fish ‘n chip shops and language schools when he got home.
He decided the women situation had to be resolved by a trick used in the Army: response/reaction drills - do something repetitive for long enough and it becomes instinctive. They used it in the Army to teach them to fire a gun under pressure. Now other gun in hand he opened online.
Right. Has to be white English birds otherwise I am buggared my training before I start,’ he thought. ‘Okay, perfect for the task - Ruth, Nikkala, Zoe and Anna - good looking, big tits and sexy – me old self would be gagging for a bit of that….’
Five minutes later.
Shit, I am a hopeless - I have already gone back to the slideshow for Leilani Dowding. She is only half Asian but half is better than nothing.’
He then tried FHM, Maxim, and even Cosmopolitan. ‘Shit, so many girls - Even supermodels, but I only perk up when I spot something Asian. This girl is as white as a sheet from Hull but her surname is Lee and that is enough to get me all turned on…Here I am again stuck on the page for Myleene Klass…And in this one Rachel Stevens - I read somewhere she is a quarter Chinese and now I am obsessed.
Oh, well, I am going to be eating a lot of fish and chips.’

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Anonymous said...

I think John has more serious problems than those described in the blog entry.