Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taiwanese girls and close family relationships

Taiwanese women had very close relationships with their family - and sometimes that could translate itself in strange ways.

“Is this the bedroom?” I asked. It was five in the morning and I was dead drunk and tired with only the prospect of pathetic, meaningless, quick and unmemorable sex keeping me awake.

“Just a moment,” said Carol tapping on the bedroom door. “Ge ge, Ge ge (Older brother) are you asleep?”

Someone grunted from inside and she turned to me face lit up. “Wow, my brother is home. You can meet him.” I was thinking this wasn’t an absolute necessity, but remembering I was drunk, and could be overly rude and impatient in that state, decided not to complain.

We walked into the room and her brother finished up his sentence about not minding if ‘he was 15, I think we have so much to talk about’ in the chat room, and looked up from the computer screen: “Nice to meet you. Where are you from?” he said.

“Bristol, England.”

“Can you speak Chinese?”

“No! Sorry! Have you been to England?”

“No, Ireland.”

We then beamed polite warm smiles at each other and made small talk for what would have felt like forever – if I had the ability to feel - one of us determined not to be a rude host and the other not out done in the politeness stakes by a Taiwanese.

Carol finally ended the standoff. “Hey, lets go,” she said tugging my arm.

“I think your sis’ wants it…Sorry,” I said, thinking there was no point in me being embarrassed if she wasn’t.

I shook myself having almost forgotten why I was here.

Her brother stood up and started to give a slight bow while extending his hands. “Please. Go,” he said. “Nice talking to you.”

“And you mate,” I said while cracking my shoulder on the door frame.

We moved to her bedroom and she immediately got down on her knees and started unzipping my flies. “Isn’t he such a nice guy,” she said while looking up at me. “You know I really love my brother. My parents are not in Taiwan and so he looks after me….Like a father and a friend - I need to be driven somewhere or breakfast…”

Half an hour later she was still going on about her brother: how he had comforted her when he had had a pregnancy scare… I didn’t mind listening to this sort of thing - the alternative was to leave Taiwan - but there was a time and a place: like on the date, or when you have switched to post-coital daydream mode and are busy taking that special, precious moment that only two can share, comparing it to all that have gone before, replaying match highlights and wondering what the experience would have been like if she had bigger breasts, slimmer ass or so-and-so’s face. However, she had started on this rich vein of expression while she was unzipping my pants, it had then proceeded to upset her oral rhythm, and even now, even though she had to turn her head to speak to me, saw no sign of abating.

“I like him too,” I said. “Do you think you could save up all those wonderful thoughts about your brother for the next hour or so - better still organize them so you don’t miss any when you tell me later…Ok?”

“You like him too,” she said now twisting around to look at me; so much I thought she would flip onto her back. “I am in a good mood, now.”

“Excellent. Plan your speech.”

A knock at the door a few hours later: “Wow, my brother has got some breakfast for us. Isn’t he nice?”

“Fuckin’ star,” I replied not happy to be woken up.

“Hah, I have to get up soon. I am going to Canada to visit my parents for a few months. You want to come to the airport with me? - My brother is driving.”

“I thought he might be.”

She saw I was looking reluctant. “Don’t worry. Stay here and sleep. You can talk to my brother when he gets back.”

“I know - he is an interesting, guy,” I said, thinking that perhaps I will have disappeared before the brother got back.

God, Taiwan was a wonderful place.

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Paul said...

Now I wanna know how the hell did you end up in this situation... Were you like really bored or just desperate? :)