Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stereotypes: It is so nice even a foreigner would live there

Years ago when i was looking to buy an apartment, i would go with the wife to visit all these slightly out of town new complexes.

The moment they saw me it was: "Ok, I take you to see the swimming pool and the gym. I know that you foreigners care most about your leisure activity."

I would reply: "I would also like to know that the building isn't going to fall down and i have a shower, but you are right - Take me the jacuzzi. It is all that matters."

My wife tells me there is now an advertisement for an apartment building that takes these very ideas as its theme. The building is in Hong Shu Lin near Danshuei and, as it has a seaview, they built it with particularly big balconies.

Apparently, they have a big, fat foreign dude walking around saying things like:

"Wow, this wouldn't look out of place in America."

"Yes, even my family from back home would live here."

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Claudio said...

Maybe I missed something, but ... wouldn't it make more sense if the fat guy would actually say "Wow, this would NOT look out of place in America"?

I am now trying to remember if the estate agents were pointing at the swimming pool/gym/balcony/garden, here in Singapore, when I went around looking for an apartment in a condo. Probably they did.