Monday, December 28, 2009

Seems I won something in the Taiwan blog awards

I just found out that i was joint winner in the general category of the Taiwan blog awards (peer-judged):
So to the judges who voted for me a very big thanks.
In particular Fili:


Ethan said...

Congrats! Some criticisms that I hope will be constructive:
- It's often unclear when a lot of these stories happened and how old you/the main characters were when they took place
- Some of the name changes or edits from 3rd to 2nd person that clearly took place before posting have been done so sloppily that it's giving me an identity crisis. Even nationality is confused in a few of the earlier posts.

All that being said, I spent the majority of my day yesterday reading your blog (semi-selectively) from start to finish - actually, I guess that was finish to start. I only spent the summer in Taipei, but you touch on so many things that I also realized and expand or clarify many things that I observed but didn't understand - about both the Taiwanese and the expat community.

Great blog.

Dan Chapman said...

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your comments.

1) Yes, it is unclear when the stories took place. I thought about that long and hard, and came to the conclusion it doesn't matter. I talked it through with my younger friends - and they said it still rang true for them.

2) Sorry, about the 3rd to 2nd person stuff. I spent yesterday updating again and will continue to do so.