Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where is Taiwan?

Where is Taiwan, is usually the next question asked after the acceptance you don't live in Thailand after all. Your friends are confused because they spent a lot of time checking flights to Bangkok and imagining which islands they were going to visit.

Taiwan is off the South-East coast of China, a little download from Japan, a little higher than Hong Kong. It kind of also answers the question of when you return in winter to your western country why you don't have a permanent suntan. Taipei has a winter, not a zero degree snowy winter, but definitely a winter where you have a wear a medium sized jacket. Nobody has central heating because this winter only actually lasts for around 6 - 8 weeks, so you definitely know it was cold.

Although Taiwan is a small place, the weather actually gets significantly better as you move down the island. Even in winter Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taitung have sunshine, you can swap the jacket for one long sleeved layer and expect much less rain.

Also it is eight hours ahead of the UK and around fifteen hours ahead of pacific coast USA. For more details check out the Taiwan wiki.


sarah said...

i think alot of people dont know where taiwan is ... when ever i go abroad .. people alway say thailand !

Claudio said...

Apart from its location, there is also a lot of confusion about Taiwan's size: usually people tend to believe it's smaller than it actually is ("it's slightly larger the Isle of Wight. No, it's a bit smaller than Sicily. No, it's exactly like Hong Kong, they even write in the same way!"). Numbers do not help much, so I made a little comparison (I would not call it "infographic", it's very basic) with other islands, you might want to use something similar, when you try to explain Taiwan's size to people who say "Oh Taiwan! I really LOVE Bangkok!"...