Monday, August 17, 2009

Western Stereotypes: Foreigners are all dirty horn dogs II

Foreigners had a bad reputation as dirty horn dogs.

As i say not all girls were of the subtle variety. This one i had gone to pick up in the disco, and she had said: "Hey, you are just trying to fuck the Taiwan girl." To which i had replied nervously, "No, no, i am looking for a girlfriend." To which she had replied, "Pity because i just want to get fucked."

I figured no strings sex for a while was great so i continued to see her. However, she had taken her stereotype of foreigners a little too far:

One afternoon, i emerged from the shower to hear her talking sweetly to someone on the phone.

I didn't think too much of it - and just started making a little conversation. "So…" I started to say.

“Sssh, just a moment,”said Jenny while covering the receiver.

I decided there had to be mitigating circumstances so he let her finish her call.

"I am going to see another guy later. We are finished, yes?”

No, I hadn’t jumped to an unfair conclusion.

“S’pose I shouldn’t really object. I don’t intend to make you me bride, after all," I replied. "You have an open attitude there for a good little Taiwanese girl.”

“You know," she said, "I used to be such a good girl, traditional Taiwanese girl, then it all went wrong when I applied to university. I wanted to go to Tai Da, the best in Taiwan, everyone thought I would get there, and I only got into Jeng Zhi, the 3rd best in the country. I was so unhappy …you know I was a Christian, but God couldn’t be good…so I just decided then to sleep with as many men as I could. I went to all the foreigner bars because I know you foreigners don’t care - Chinese guys they are too troublesome, they don’t like it when you have several boyfriends. You know, I only started going to the bar three months ago and I have slept with twenty foreign guys already.”

I laughed at the stereotyping:Westerners were supposed to be dirty horn dogs in a state of constant divorce and orgy, whereas Taiwanese viewed themselves as traditional.

Maybe, there was alot of truth in the stereotype, but this was a little bit further than I was prepared to go to live up to my stereotype.

"You have much to be proud of then young lady. Anyway, best you are on your way if you have another appointment.

One thing i was curious about before she left: "Hey, why did you ask me to shoosh, you obviously don't care if he hears?"

"You misunderstand," she replied. "He is from Nigeria so i can't understand his accent so well."

When she left i took the condom from the bin and filled it with water just to reassure myself it didn't have any leaks.


Fili said...


You live an interesting life :)

Anonymous said...

As a foreign woman who has dated Taiwan guys for 10 of the last 12 years -- I lived in China for two years and foolishly married a Beijinger like that lasted -- your posts brings to mind two main observations about Taiwanese men.

1. No they don't like girls to see other guys. Girlfriends are expected to act as if HE is the first; but this has nothing to do with love. It's face -- he's so strong why would she need another one; and jealousy-possessiveness -- that's my belonging don't touch.

2. Since when do Taiwanese men keep it in their pants?! Have you ever been to a JiuDian? Taiwanese men like to PAY for an assortment of women. It gives them the feeling of power and a sense of emotional detachment -- money becomes a substitute for emotional responsibility. There are enough Taiwanese women out there who are the opposite of your 'one-night-stand' ... ie ... "You kissed me! You have to marry me or I'll kill myself." That can scare anyone into the arms of love-for-hire.

Dan Chapman said...

Hi Rosanne,

Thanks for your comments.

And i agree that there are many local girls who do the: 'you kissed me therefore i love you one.' However, it is a minority, the majority sit in the middle.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the small minority of girls who say you kissed me,therefore I love you and will stand by you forever can seriously freak out relatively innocent foreigners who just got off the plane.
And I agree totally about Taiwanese men. I have lived in Taiwan for twelve years and I have heard endless comments from Taiwanese men that foreigners are sleazy and like to go to the JiuDian. Most westerners I know have to go to the 7-11 before, during and after a night out. If the JiuDians depended on us, they would have long since shuttered their doors.

Dan Chapman said...

Yes, i agree the small minority can scare. But that has a lot to do with luck: meet one in the first couple of months and it can mess you up; after a couple of years you will be able to see it for the odd thing it is.