Monday, August 3, 2009

Taiwan culture: It is where you make love that counts!

I know the "Only in X country’ is overworked crap in 99% of cases, but this story, where you make love, along with betel nut girls, had to be a genuine only in Taiwan.

It was Valentine’s day and a lonely girl had called me up to see what I was doing. I had no particular plan so an hour later we were in her car waiting in a queue of cars to get into a spanking new Love Hotel.

I suggested we could go back to mine, or maybe an older Love Hotel, where we could get in immediately, but apparently that wouldn’t be much fun: this place was a newly opened upmarket Love Hotel with special spider shape chairs in each room with straps, and she was paying so I had no choice. I liked the idea, but i didn’t like the idea of waiting in the car for another hour just to get in - It was a hot day and she was wearing a mini-skirt and vest and I was turned on now; call me old-fashioned but it was the prospect of getting her naked that was getting me excited, not the chance to go to the ‘In’ Love Hotel of the moment. But then again, I wasn’t Taiwanese!

"Shit," I said, before shrinking down in my chair. Outside a reporter was wandering about with a microphone and camera crew to cover this important breaking story.

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