Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taiwan lifestyle: Why don't we have any Taiwanese male friends

One evening while we were sat in the bar in Taipei an extremely, smartly dressed young western guy walked in laughing and smiling with an equally fashionable young Taiwanese guy. It was obvious they were more than just friends and it kind of got us thinking why after 10 years none of us had any Taiwanese male friends.

“Why don’t we have any Chinese male friends?” asked Eric.

“We do,” replied Pierre.

Eric: “No, we have Chinese guys who we like, respect, find interesting to talk with occasionally - but hanging out with regularly, nah!”

John: “I always assumed they were all boring, and, for their part, don’t like us shagging their women.”

Eric again: “That is the stereotype!”

Josh: “Man, mostly it is practicality: there is still a communication and culture barrier to overcome, and without the incentive of shagging our opposite number as reward, why bother? That goes for them and us.”

As usual Josh had a balanced thoughtful answer.

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