Friday, April 10, 2009

Taiwan girls: Josh and Maggie II

A couple of months after Josh and Maggie had started dating Josh relayed to me some stories, he thought were funny.

Event one:

This happened after just a week or so of their relationship.

“Is it okay if I say I am your girlfriend?” asked Maggie and Josh had laughed because Maggie’s question smacked of nonchalant indifference: just taking the tone rather than the content and it would appear the answer meant no more to her than whether he liked tomato sauce, but he knew the opposite was actually true.

“Sure, if you want but it doesn’t change anything! Sorry!”

“I know!”

Event two (last night)

“Hey, how did you get in?” asked Josh.

“You gave me a set of keys!” He knew he hadn’t given her any keys but he couldn’t help noticing his apartment was clean.

“You are round every night so why not! As you cleaned, I’ll cook dinner.” He replied cheerfully. Already so much of her wardrobe was there and his bathroom was awash with her cosmetics. He liked her very much and enjoyed her company. He was not selfish or uncaring towards women, or unfaithful, just preferring to act out marriage and then walk away at the end.

“Why don’t we go on holiday together?”she asked.

“Maybe, next year. If were together.”

“That is not so good, then,”I said after hearing the stories.

"Man, she is a sophisticated adult - She just knows what she wants...Unlike a lot of the locals," said Josh.

I wanted to say get the fuck out of there; change your phone, locks, get plastic surgery, but josh was not someone I had grown up with. He didn’t know him so well, I should respect the guy to make his own mistakes.

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