Friday, January 8, 2010

Religion: Best way to remove the devil

I was down south once at some relative of the wife.
It was the usual situation: a living room full of Taiwanese shouting at each other to get out of the way of the truck that was about to hit them. I was doing by best to zone out and avoid eye contact with any of the women who were vigilantly poised ready to offer me guava or water melon seeds at the slightest veneer of an opportunity.
I hadn’t initially noticed a guy come in in a loud flowery shirt, but now he was drawing my attention because he was waving incense sticks and reciting incantations over the remarkably calm head of the wife’s brother’s six-year old boy.
“What is this guy up to?” I asked.
“He have a ghost.”
“He has been possessed? How do you know?” I replied.
“Lately, he is very naughty. Long story,” she said.
“Nice,” I replied. “I wish I had been young in Taiwan - My father often thought I had the devil in me and it could be removed by more earth-like measures.”


Local said...

funny observation!

went throught the same thing when I was a kid...never really thought much about it, alway kept the experience in the category "that's just the way it is"

the purpose is to calm your spirit. but does it really work? I guess it's in the eye of the beholder

Anonymous said...

when parents could not handle their kids ,they might think that way..their kids have been possessed :P
I think it works for the parents more than the kids.