Thursday, April 5, 2012

Betelnut Equation Now Available As An E-Book

Hi All,
I have now made this blog available as an e-book with reformatted, reorganized, rewritten and added content.
I did this for a number of reasons. Ideas and understanding of the situation are continually evolving and improving so I have spent a lot of time to go back and review all my posts and make sure points are made clearer and quicker - and connections that I previously hadn't noticed are drawn - As well as adding additional content.
The e-book format also offers several other advantages: all the content is grouped according to categories and, as there is a hyper linked index, it is very easy to jump instantly from one story to another or one chapter to another. This way you can definitely get deeper into the stories and come back and forth quicker.
The amount of content is huge so I have split into two parts, the first is available on the Amazon Kindle Store at the links below - I will be adding the second part very soon and also adding the content to other book stores.
My passion and mission hasn't changed: to deliver some real and extremely relevant insight into the culture of Taiwan in an entertaining style. Hopefully, arm anyone coming with knowledge I didn't have. I look forward to hearing whether I have achieved that aim – And will of course work hard to answer any of your questions.

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Aahz said...

I find reading all of this incredibly interesting. As a guy who lives in Taiwan and is both unwilling to take part in the same tactics as most of these guys you talk about and yet unable to find a decent relationship, I found myself deeply lost in your writings. On one hand, they cheered me up seeing a funny take on the same situations I see. On the other hand, they made me a bit more depressed as I realized basically more and more that I would be unable to find anything meaningful. Wish I could chat with you (or somebody) about it sometime..