Sunday, January 25, 2009

Expat Culture in Taiwan: Environmentally-friendly when it suits us.

When we first arrive and are hit by the mass of grey concrete that is downtown Taipei we immediately start to criticise the Taiwanese environmentally-friendly credentials. However, it is not that simple:

“Hey, that is something to worry about, man,”said Eric/Joe Bloggs pretending to choke, referring to the exhaust fumes from the fifteen deep mass of scooters lined up at the traffic light in front of us. “It is a disease, this constant building...Having to have another new car. Consumption, consumption, consumption. They don’t give a shit about their environment. This affects us you know - Global warming.”

“We all raped our environment too. Now we have decided to protect it why should everyone else around the world go back to living in shacks and riding a bicycle?” I would answer if I could be bothered to indulge. “Anyway, since when did we go back to riding bikes?”

Joe Bloggs would then point to the green fencing across the road with the warning to wear your hard hat. “Do you think all these building are necessary? It is consumption for consumptions sake.”

“I think you’ll find that is a school, man…And, that one is a hospital…Anyway, nice talking to.”

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