Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taiwan culture: Not necessary to live with your wife I

You get used to the usual questions, but the one about marriage and your wife I always found funniest:

“Where you from?”


“Very good. I have been to New York, and…uh…Disneyland.”

“How long you want to stay Taiwan?”

“Two years.”

“You come alone?”

“Yes. Huh, so brave. You don’t miss your family?”

“Not really” Chuckles and giggles at the ridiculous suggestion you don’t miss your family.

Then: “So you didn't bring your wife?”

“No, man, and just before I left I got her pregnant just to heap more shit on her pile of loneliness, and my irresponsibility.”

“One more time?”

“No, I am not married. And that should be self-explanatory. I told you I have come here for two years alone."

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