Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Englishman in Taipei I

Besides the accent, as an Englishman in Taipei you will be continually asked whether you enjoyed national holidays that are not yours.

“You miss your family today?”asked the boss of the school.

I thought about whether it was my birthday or an anniversary of being in Taiwan. “Not especially today,” I replied.

“Really? I know Thanksgiving is very important for you.”

Always the fucking same, they will never get it, I thought, that, and the pumpkin pie, which I have never eaten, and never will - even after teaching the word a thousand times. I am going to get Guy Fawkes integrated into the curriculum in one of the schools before I die. Put a fuckin’ bomb under the school and then they’ll know.

I thought about giving him the talk about it not being a British holiday. “Same every year, eh. Should be okay to give it a miss once,” I replied.

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