Thursday, March 19, 2009

Western stereotypes: Why Taiwanese women want to date us

The majority of Taiwanese girls actually didn't want a westerner - or, better put, weren't specifically going out of there way to get one; if they could find one who spoke Chinese and was prepared to also worship her parents, then they might consider, but otherwise it was an interest they didn't plan to pursue.

However, a small minority went out of their way to get a foreigner. In my ignorance, back in England having watched the TV shows about mail order brides from the Philippines and Thailand, I had assumed the popularity of the white man was for the money or the passport quickly finding out that this was not the case:

“You westerners are more opened-minded…treat your women nice.”

“Taiwanese men want to control you and tell you what to do.”

“I hate my father because he hits my mother.”

“I hate my father because he has a 2nd wife and kid in China.”

“Taiwanese men are male chauvinists.”

“My parents prefer my brother.”

Firstly, we were regarded as delivers of equality. It was the exact opposite of what goes on back home, where white men are left under the impression that they are the root of all evil. I distinctly remembers many an ex calling me an ‘arrogant, uncaring, sexist, bloody male-chauvinist piece of shit’ before walking out the door – and I had been given the expectation that these comments were thoroughly deserved.

“You foreigners are more passionate.”

“I want to be more international.”

“You foreigners are more handsome.”

“I think it would be cool. Give me good face.”

“I want to practice my English.”

Second on the list of why we were liked was our status as exotic, fashion accessories. For years back home I had bemoaned the ugly black and Asian guys rightly trading on their stereotypes. Now it was my turn and I always followed what my old man said about ‘gift horses and mouths.’

“I am divorced so I can’t find another Taiwanese boyfriend.”

“My mother said I don’t suit Taiwanese men because I can’t cook.”

“I can’t seem to keep a Taiwanese boyfriend so perhaps I suit foreigners.”

“I haven’t had a boyfriend for a few years.”

“I am too old now for Chinese men.”

“I get depressed easily and have suicidal feelings so I thought I would try a foreigner.”

“My mother says I can’t do as I am told, I am bad-tempered and aggressive so...”

“I lent my ex-boyfriend some money and he never paid it back. I think Taiwanese men are dishonest.”

And lastly, we were a last chance saloon cure for the panacea of ills, desires and perversions in the female Taiwanese psyche.

Tonight, unfortunately, i had met one in the last category:

We were already naked in my room when i found out.

"You know why i want to try the foreigner," said Camille.

"No, but i guess you are going to tell me," I replied.

"My ex-boyfriend hurt me bad. He slept with a prostitute and give me herpes," she said. "You know, i am an honest girl so i have to tell any new boyfriend and no Taiwanese man wants me - so i try the foreigner. I know you will understand."

"Well, that is right," I replied. "We all have AIDs so what harm will adding a little herpes to the mix, make?"

I went to the bathroom for a good scrub.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that you were definitely exposed to herpes, or that you don't know whether or not you were exposed to herpes?

The impression given by the story was that you found out before having conventional sex and thus avoided contact.

Dan Chapman said...

The latter. I found out before and thus avoided contact and the disease.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for the information! I'm Taiwanese, but I didn't even know there are actually so many underthoughts (well, since you've named them, I guess they're no longer "underthoughts"?) to explain why some Taiwanese girls have more interest in western guys in be honest, I hate some of them (or their parents) are for the idea that "white men are saving brown women from brown men" (I don't know why Spivak uses "brown" instead of "yellow" but anyways) ...yuck! Seems you guys are holding a very responsible position here, hah! Thank God, even though I can't cook, my Mom's never asked me to try any white one ;P

The episode of herpes is hilarious! Good luck man!