Friday, March 13, 2009

Reasons to learn Chinese: Love Hotels in Taipei

I was in the hostel living room moaning about the cost of love hotels in Taipei.

“1500 NT for a night,” I said. “If I get anymore successful it will be cheaper to move out of the dormitory.”

“Why don’t you just pay for the four hours,” said John. “It is about 600NT.”

“So that is true,” I replied. “I kept asking girls if this is true and they don't answer.”

“Sure,” replied John. “Of course she is going to want to skip the romantic bit where you lie and cuddle, watch TV, and wake up in each others’ arms, to save half your money.”

“I always pay for the full night anyway,” said Eric. “Otherwise, you feel so seedy.”

“I see. What you mean, paying for the full night means you are going there because you need to sleep,” I said. “Never mind, you are going there in the middle of the afternoon in the city where you live.”

“I don’t know man,” replied Eric. “The woman behind the desk doesn’t look at me so disapprovingly.”

“You are paying more money. That is why.”

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