Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Taiwan Adverts: The cleanest pigs in the world

This was a very funny non-PC Taiwan advert.

There had been a scare about slaughterhouses selling on the pork from diseased or dead pigs. The media had gone crazy and everyone was afraid to buy pork.

One pork retailer reacted with the following advert to promote his pigs:

First scene: lily-white, smiling pigs are exercising on treadmills, being showered and scrubbed down by attendants in a hotel room before being checked and given the thumbs up by doctors.

Next scene: the pigs are lining up patiently, while the same attendants, now dressed to deal with nuclear waste, are slaughtering the pigs, chopping them into parts on operating room tables, and turning them into nice joints.

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