Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cultural Differences: Raw meat, cooked vegetables

This is one of my favorite petty squabbles: you can eat raw meat but not vegetables. I had it with numerous girlfriends and co-workers over the years, but my wife gave the best answer.

"Hey, don’t eat that?” she shouted because i picked up a piece of the carrot she was chopping into my mouth. “Why you keep putting raw food in your mouth? I tell you many times.”

The argument was something to do with the belief too many pesticides were used so the vegetable had to be cooked.

“When I stick it up my ass then you need to worry,” I replied. "So why is it ok to eat raw beef and fish but not vegetables? These vegetables were freshly picked, slaughtered and served.”

“Raw fish tastes good, stupid,”she replied.

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