Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taiwan culture: Shouldn't need to be said...

Many things in our relationship with our family shouldn't need to be said. Taiwanese it seemed didn't have the same rules.

A friend was discussing with his twenty-eight year old girlfriend about life as a child. He said his parents would give him a hard smack if he was too naughty. He then asked her to the effect of what about you, would your parents hit you?

"Sure," she replied.

"It is really bad," he replied. "I would never hit my children."

Immediately she started to get stressed. The foreigner had kind of indirectly criticised her parents and that was unacceptable - She was Taiwanese and she didn't blame her parents for everything. She tried to put a positive spin on things, defend her parents. "Not anymore," she replied. "They don't hit me anymore."

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RB @ RichBy30RetireBy40 said...

Greetings from California! My mother used to hit me with the looooong chopsticks when I was "bad." She'd say "STICK OUT YOUR HANDS" and then she'd thwack me.

I'm glad she did it. It disciplined me b/c I was a naughty kid.

Hope you guys can come visit me some day. It's 11:35pm here, and 2;30pm there :)