Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taiwanese and speaking English VI

The street was filled with Taiwanese doing market research surveys, but they never wanted our foreign opinion...Until once, it seemed outside of Blockbusters my opinion mattered.
It was a painful experience as I spoke Chinese to the girls and they answered me in English. Then when she couldn't speak English she pushed the survey paper in my face, only to realize that i couldn't read that either, even though i protested to her that i probably could.
Finally, twenty minutes later, we finished the survey.
“How long have you been here?” said one of them.
“Five years!”
"Why do you stay so long?" they asked.
"I love Taiwan. I will live here forever."
“Why did you learn Chinese?”
“A misunderstanding! - I was under the impression we were in a Chinese speaking country.”
They all laughed heartily.
It was a great country, but...

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Anonymous said...

You still could have made up answers for the survey questions you didn't understand.