Thursday, July 2, 2009

The temptation of being treated VI: Pierre's new occupation

On time, a couple of weeks after borrowing the money from John, Pierre revealed his new occupation.
He arrived at John's apartment, got out a huge wad of money, flaunted it, implied he had to go immediately, and, when we didn’t ask why, decided to say anyway.
"This is between us," he said. This was the first time we all got the this will be putting the future of the civilized world in your hands look and for a moment he had us hanging. He paused, desperately trying to appear as if he was solemnly weighing up rather than just blabbing - “I started work at a Friday club.”
“Your joking right?”
“No, two weeks now!”
“Jesus man. I want to know what is it like…” blurted Eric.
Pierre gave us a little detail – not too much because then we would have to be shot – and we sat back impressed, impressed that he was doing it and we knew someone who was.
"It is only short-term, but I am going to get together some cash, look around for something else…earn the money quickly and so I can do my stuff during the day."
“Nah, man! It is cool! For once you don't have to explain," said Eric.
“So the big question is, have you muff dived for money yet? Banged for a buck?” asked John.
“Man, every time you wank it money down the sink…Have you thought about insuring your dick?”
“Sorry, man! You are our hero, you know that,” I said.
Pierre took the stick because he knew he actually was the hero on this occasion. Besides, he was not going to answer the question, and for once, we actually wanted to know. We poured him a couple of shots of whiskey and he went off to work in the Armani suit he had borrowed the money for.
“He is still of course prostituting his language and nationality to get a job,” pointed out Josh at heart quietly morally outraged.
“I don’t which is better - prostituting your language or just plain old fuckin’ prostituting? No fuckin’ pun intended, boys.”
“I don’t know, but if it is true the dude has my vote for the moment.” Then Eric thought for a moment, “We are now his confidantes.”
It was true - We had become members of Pierre’s secret society, but with a twist: instead of fighting, pushing, and promising loyalty to get there, we were elevated to it kicking and screaming, with complete indifference. And we would never follow the rules, attended meeting, or do anything to keep up our membership.
“Anyway, are you going to that school tomorrow morning to sign up? - I’ll come with you,” asked Eric to Josh and John who were both paying money at the school with no classrooms and teachers to get a visa extension.
“But you are a serious student?” I asked Eric.
“I have a good language exchange now! Anyway, you know me...!” Eric had thrown himself out of every school in Taipei. And, now, because he loved studying Chinese and wanted to stay in Taiwan, he was going to pay at the school you didn’t have to attend so he could study at home.


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I want to know what it is like too

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Every Man's Hero
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